The Rise of the “Man Mall”

The Daily Mail had a story that reported a survey indicating that men actually spend more time shopping than women, and even spend more money on clothes than women do. How can this be?  I’m not buying it — unless of course, we’re talking about how much time I spend at the hunting and hiking supplies store vs how much time my wife might spend at the Gap.  That being said, this appears to be wishful thinking on the part of eager marketers if you ask me.  Probably some futile attempt to convince all of us  men to get out there and “shop till we drop” or something.

But seriously, if you really want to get men out to the shopping malls more often, you have to give us a reason to go.  Malls are clearly designed to appeal to women more than men, so if you want to change up the customer base, you have to change up the paradigm.

I am baffled that no enterprising real estate developer has come up with this idea yet, but why not build a “Man Mall?”  The anchor stores could be big box home improvement stores and hunting/camping/outdoor extravaganzas!  CLICK HERE to listen to my description of exactly what the “Man Mall” would consist of from my show today.

Just think of the boost to the economy, if men started spending hours at the “Man Mall” all weekend, smoking stogies, target shooting, testing out power tools, and munching on wings and beer.  6% economic growth could be right around the corner!