Why Are Schools Ending Valedictorian Title?

It’s happening all across America:

CLICK HERE to watch the story on our local WHAS11 ABC affiliate.

Looking for a more “inclusive system” the schools are using the excuse that kids are supposedly gravitating to easier classes in order to get better grades.

Well, duh?  The solution to this is to change the way you grade certain classes.  Don’t count the easy electives like PE or even entry level classes toward the overall grade.  Instead of being more “inclusive,” if this is such a problem, they should make it harder.  Make the top spots in the class even harder to achieve.

In this local case, the schools are planning to recognize the “top 10% of the class.”  As if our kids don’t already receive enough recognition.  They get ribbons and trophies for just successfully breathing these days, if this system of inclusiveness and coddeling that’s been around for the last two decades hasn’t started working by now, I doubt this final step to the homogenization of student achievement is actually going to spare any feelings or promote any higher levels of readiness for our students.

Life is hard.  Achievement gets rewarded.  Failure has consequences.  Not everyone can be “above average.”  It’s time for our schools to return to teaching kids that great old underrated lesson:  “Suck it up buttercup.”

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