Enterprise Advocate Episode 3: Elle Russ, Author, Health And Wellness Advocate, And All Around Winner At Life!

Chronic disease is rising in America, rates of obesity, cancer, heart disease, arthritis and many more are skyrocketing. Could it be that this rise in chronic health problems is not only fixable but preventable?

A little over a year ago, my wife and I started following a new dietary lifestyle commonly referred to as Paleo, or Primal (these days you’ll also here it referred to as Keto as well.) It has done amazing things for our health and body composition.  At 42, I feel better than I did at 24.

I’ve been wanting to use my platform to spread the word. One of the most highly researched, reputable and heavily followed sites in this community is Mark’s Daily Apple.  I reached out to them to invite them on my show to discuss this amazing new health revolution of eating low carb, high fat, moderate protein and the advantages that come with it. Elle Russ, host of the Primal Blueprint Podcast and author of the Paleo Thyroid Solution joined me recently from sunny Malibu, California by phone at my WHAS radio studios in Louisville, KY for a wide ranging and fun  conversation.

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