The Disruption Zone – Episode 3, Social Media Can Be Your Biggest Cheerleader Or Your Biggest Enemy

Noted author, public speaker and social media leadership expert Jason Falls walks us through the pitfalls and dangers of social media done wrong as well as the enormous opportunities in social media done right! Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, or someone who’s looking to keep their employment options open, your brand is vital and in today’s world social media can be your largest cheerleader or greatest enemy. Good news is, it’s all in your hands!  Find out more about Jason Falls HERE.

The Disruption Zone – Episode 2, How Missing the Olympics by 2 Inches Built Dana Lyon Into a World Class Champion

This week’s guest can throw a spear 199 feet.  Dana Lyon is a world class athlete, lifelong American patriot, and strong Christian.  She shares her story of victory, defeat and victory again. She missed the Olympics by 2 inches, won a national championship, served her country in the United States Air Force for over a decade, lost her husband to an IED in Afghanistan while they were both deployed, and now coaches track and field at Air Force Academy. She shares how God lifted her up in her deepest valleys and how she prepares her athletes and students for life and success both on and off the field, physically and spiritually.